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CityWest Homes hits its 100% gas compliance target

CityWest Homes which owns and manages over 12,000 social homes and 9000 leasehold properties across Westminster has now achieved 100% gas compliancy.

City West Homes Property Services Director Jim Paterson said, “Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS), our maintenance contractor has helped us achieve a truly accurate, verifiable audited figure of 100% compliancy, both legally and contractually. It is always that last quarter of a percent, the last 10 properties we struggle to get access to.

“But we have achieved it by using a collaborative partnership approach with Morgan Sindall, M&E, Housing and the Police all working together as a team, with one common goal.”

MSPS began delivering domestic heating services to 7000 of CityWest Homes in July 2017.

Gary McFarlane, MSPS Partnership Manager for CityWest said, “There has been a number of activities put in place that has helped us to achieve our target but overall this has been down to working collaboratively with CityWest Homes and their tenants.”

In October 2017, MSPS deployed a task team to manage and complete all Landlord Gas Safe Certificates (LGSCs) that were due pre-September 2017. Daily reports were coordinated highlighting properties that were non-compliant and had access issues.

MSPS and CityWest worked together to gain access finding alternative contact information and offering flexible appointments to tenants to suit their circumstances e.g. outside of normal working hours, including weekends.

Where possible, appointments were paired with other scheduled repair work to save tenants having to take time off work or stay at home unnecessarily. Where no access could be made the teams took time to investigate if there were exceptional circumstances preventing access. Such as if the tenant was in hospital or vulnerable.

Marcus Cox, MSPS National Director for Operations said, “This is a great achievement for the business, our teams have worked around the clock and pulled together in challenging circumstances to meet our contractual target. Reaching 100% legal compliance on CityWest Homes has been a fantastic result for our client CityWest Homes and we are very close to achieving the same result on our other domestic gas contracts.”