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Social value

Social value is not just about how we provide social, economic and environmental benefits within the areas we work. Our approach to social value goes beyond the initial investment, and we work to provide long-term benefits and a lasting community legacy.

We ensure that any initiative we undertake is supported through a strong network of local partners and providers. This allows us to make the best use of established local networks, and ensures direct benefits to the local community and its residents.

A great example of this is our social enterprise, BasWorx, set up to provide traineeships for local people within the Basildon area. BasWorx supports local employment and provides a stepping stone for people looking to re-enter the workplace and learn new skills.

Addressing local needs

We work with our Local Authority and Housing Association partners to develop strategies that best address local needs, and develop social value offers that provide the greatest return on investment.

Whether it’s providing apprenticeships, engaging with schools, working with vulnerable people, or supporting local businesses – we develop proposals that are sustainable, measurable and provide the most appropriate solution for the community.

Measuring social value impact

When it comes to social value we know it’s not always easy to demonstrate the return on investment. To ensure that we meet all our social value commitments, we use both the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust (HACT) Social Return on Investment model and Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) to monitor the local impact of our contracts. This allows our clients to demonstrate that their investment is making a difference, and our joint initiatives are the best use of resources.

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