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MSPS – capturing the good the bad and everything in between!

The world moves quickly in today’s service driven sector. Weekly, monthly and annual feedback surveys were designed for the companies’ point of view and not the customers; they are now a thing of the past. All of us have become accustomed and expect timely, relevant and engaging communications at every step of the way, with the ability to provide real-time feedback afterwards.

Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) has been working with social landlords to deliver smart initiatives to improve the responsive repairs services in the local areas, and ultimately the customer experience. The key to this is developing MSPS’s technologies and systems to better support the residents experience, while helping them access our services in the easiest way possible.

That’s why we’re using Rant and Rave, our new customer engagement tool, to gain feedback and improve resident engagement.

How does it work?
Rant and Rave works by triggering short survey to residents at key points in the repair service journey, by text or email. The survey asks one question “How helpful was the service we provided? Please rate your experience from 1 to 5, with 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent.”

What’s great about Rant and Rave?
Most importantly in this world of increasing technology; residents can provide feedback in their own words, slang or even emojis on why they gave that score. We’re capturing the good, the bad and everything in between. Our technology will intelligently listen and capture the real essence and sentiment of the feedback. From this we’re able to understand how we can change our service to better suit individual customer needs. It can highlight and recognise employees that perform consistency well, identify areas for improvement and enable us to we react quickly when things go wrong.

Your feedback so far…
Since its launch, in the summer, we have received nearly 2,000 feedback responses. Our customer satisfaction score is 4.3 and our sentiment score is 4.16 – both scores are out of 5.

A few resident’s feedback replies are below:

“The lady in the call centre was polite, very efficient and organised a repair the same day. You should be pleased to have her on your front-line staff.”

“The man was very helpful on phone, I had a few jobs that need doing and he managed to get them all to come on the same day, fantastic!”

“The two operatives identified themselves immediately with ID cards, super-efficient in their job. Friendly and explained throughout what needed to be done, I am very satisfied with them. Thank you.”

“Engineer was very polite, explained in detail what needed to be done and left the job spotless.”

From analysing the feedback, our staff are helpful, polite, friendly and the standard of work is good. But we have noticed the poor scores are linked to incomplete works, which leaves residents understandably frustrated. This is usually when we come out to fix your repair but other trades or parts maybe needed which can cause delays. We are now working hard on how we can make this process more efficient for the future.

Alan Hayward, Managing Director at MSPS, said “As part of our business strategy, and our insight proposition we are investing in a number of technologies that will transform the way we work and inform our customer pathways; core to this is Rant and Rave. Assessing the demographic, community information plus customer feedback and insight is crucial in understanding our customers on a granular level. 

“This platform is a very exciting tool, and our aim for 2020 is to have Rant and Rave adopted and embedded across all our contracts. This will create a consistent business approach to proactively manage our customer experience. We are continuing to understand and monitor the sentiment of our residents which will provide us with business crucial information about our performance, allowing us to improve customer satisfaction, productivity and establish a new measure of success for the housing sector. So, if you receive a text or email from us please let us know what you think.”