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Morgan Sindall Property Services Introduces Electric Vans to its Fleet

Today, Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) has taken the next step in its electric vehicle commitment and officially rolled out their first electric vans across the UK.

The 13 new vans will join the eight electric cars already in its fleet, following its commitment to switch all cars and vans to electric by 2023.

MSPS is also investing in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure and will be installing electric vehicle charge points at employees’ homes, with charging points already installed at three offices in London.

Alan Hayward, Managing Director, Morgan Sindall Property Services said: “Bringing down emissions from commercial vehicles is crucial if we want to make a difference to air quality and the environment. These new electric vans are designed to better serve our customers and at the same time, they are helping MSPS to meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas as well as reduce noise on the streets. The launch of these vehicles is an exciting and important step towards our target of being fully electric by 2023.”

The company has opted for Vauxhall Vivaro E range and Peugeot E-experts, allowing the vehicles to operate with a range of up to 205 miles, which will get the teams across London, Hertfordshire, Essex and the North, where they primarily operate.

Alistair Gears, Fleet Advisor, Morgan Sindall Property Services, added: “Electric vans particularly where they can be charged with electricity from renewable sources, is a powerful step towards more sustainable city distribution. We are confident this new addition to MSPS’s fleet will lower our carbon footprint.”

Employees will also receive formal electric vehicle training on how to how to charge and drive the vans.