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Challenging the industry to be better

Community insight has become even more relevant throughout this challenging year and helping to identify themes such as vulnerability, value for money and risk and compliance.

Last November, Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) launched their Data Insight proposition. Data Insight is a unique data model and platform that enables the pooling and overlaying of multiple data sets, helping to provide actionable insights that can inform investment decisions, identify vulnerabilities within communities, reduce risk and support asset management.

Natasha Kyriakou, Customer and Communications Director said, “Data is captured through every interaction with our customer; information on assets, communities, MSPS services and customers passes through our systems daily. Ensuring our customer journey and people can support the capturing of this data is essential to making sure our people have the information they need to do the job and to provide our customers with an experience that is right for them.”

Alan Hayward, Managing Director said, “As a maintenance provider, we already feel a moral obligation to care for the properties we maintain and the people that live in them. As such we believe strongly that the data insight, we obtain will provide outcomes that really help people, communities and organisations and furthermore challenge the industry to be better.”

Over the next 18 months, the use of data and embedding our customer journey will be key in making sure we continue to be agile in meeting new challenges and provide insights for clients and partners in areas they need it the most. To help explain their vision and plans, MSPS produced a short video for stakeholders outlining the part they play in helping to make a real difference for people and communities.