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Morgan Sindall Property Services Gains HACT Accreditation

Social value contributions

Over £1.8 million social value created through community programmes

Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) are now certified as a social value organisation, achieving over £1.8 million in social return, across eight of their contracts from April 2020 – March 2021.

The impact of this social investment was measured using the Wellbeing Valuation Approach from HACT, the housing sectors ideas and innovation agency. The valuation confirmed that for every £1 MSPS spends, it generates £12 in social value for its people and communities. The HACT values provide an assessment of social impact, value for money, and compare the impact of different MSPS programmes on people and communities.

Despite the challenges that COVID brought, the social value team at MSPS continued to deliver social value through its education and employment programmes across the UK. These programmes included energy cafes, supporting those who were affected by fuel poverty as a result of COVID, virtual work experience for students, work to learn programmes, apprenticeship programmes, mentoring sessions and over £27,000 in charitable donations.

Helen Sheen, Head of CSR, Morgan Sindall Property Services said: “This year, we’re continuing to work towards our social value commitment, working with our customers, partners and industry to create opportunities for people in our communities, which we know is needed now more than ever. In response to Covid-19, our social value team have adapted and innovated to help us reach some of the most excluded groups in our society, especially those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Measuring our social value through the HACT Wellbeing Valuation Approach and with our own data insight, means we can assess how our work contributes to the long-term wellbeing and resilience of individual and communities, focusing our activities to where we can have the greatest meaningful impact.”

James Williams, Head of Social Impact at HACT, said: “We’re delighted that Morgan Sindall Property Services have now certified as a leading social value organisation and have made accurate use of the UK Social Value Bank values in eight of their contracts around the country. Morgan Sindall Property Services have shown a good understanding of, and are consistent in their measurement of, social value using the well-being methodology.”

Our social value certification gives organisations confidence in the quality and robustness of their social value results, illustrates their ability to accurately report social value, improves decision making and learning across the organisation, and demonstrates their outcomes and value for money. Our social value certification establishes Morgan Sindall Property Services as a best practice social value business.”

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