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Morgan Sindall Property Services Launch Social Value Report

Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) launched their first social value report, for the time April 2021 – March 2022, with over £3.5 million in social value created across all contracts.

Over the years MSPS have developed four community programmes to help deliver on ambitions to support disadvantaged people into employment, generate prospects for young people, and engage with local charities.

The report gives an update on MSPS’s social value contribution across our four community programmes: employment, education, charity partnerships and volunteering.

To prepare the report and to understand the quantifiable difference MSPS are making to people, communities, and society, MSPS partnered with the HACT Social Value Bank.

Helen Sheen, Head of CSR said: “Now more than ever, Morgan Sindall Property Services can make a real difference to improving the wellbeing and prosperity of the communities in which we operate. Our social value programme aims to empower people facing barriers with the skills and opportunities to enter the world of work. The report reflects the opportunities we have created in our communities, working alongside our partners. Looking forward, given the current pressures our residents face, we have a duty of care as a business to help tackle the social inequalities specific to our local areas and to enhance social mobility.”

James Williams, Head of Social Impact, HACT, said: “This social value report signifies Morgan Sindall Property Services as a best practice social value business. The provision of housing and housing services is about more than just bricks and mortar – it’s about enhancing peoples’ lives and demonstrating outcomes. Through their community programmes Morgan Sindall Property Services have created opportunities for local people, used local insight but also show their ability to measure their impact, meeting the needs of their residents and investing in their communities.”

Read the full report here.


About HACT

HACT is a charitable housing trust that helps social housing organisations drive value for residents and communities through insight-led products and services which encourage innovation and foster collaboration.

The HACT Social Value Bank first published in 2013, provides wellbeing value estimates for over 120 outcomes across 10 different outcome categories. These include Employment, Local Environment, Health, Financial Inclusion, Youth, Social Groups, Physical Activity, Other, Homelessness and the Physical Environment.

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