Void Properties

Our void property services include all major and minor repairs and maintenance.

We minimise turnaround times through robust void management to maximise rental income and reduce cost of service.


Our specialist approach includes pre-works surveys, which saves our clients time and eliminates any time lag between survey, specification and work commencement. We programme void works according to the scope and nature of the work required, rather than simply job value to improve workflow visibility and enable more accurate projected timescales. Careful planning and management of all void works is backed up by our integrated IT systems, which enable instant progress monitoring and on-demand status reporting.

Every aspect of this strategic process is designed to achieve tangible results by reducing the procedural timeline – without compromising on quality – while also strengthening communication to make sure everyone involved knows what they are doing, when and how to achieve optimum delivery and turnaround, within budget and agreed timescales.

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