PFI Social Housing Projects

We have extensive property management expertise and experience with public sector and social housing partnerships where we manage PFI projects.

We have significant experience in leveraging public sector capital investments to reduce the total lifecycle costs of community housing partnerships – primarily through a series of PFI contracts, where we provide full facilities management services.

A prime example of this is Grove Village, an urban housing estate in Manchester that is home to around 560 residential properties plus various ancillary buildings.


The PFI scheme to regenerate Grove Village, which includes Extra Care Contracting Services, commenced in 2003. From the outset we have provided a 24/7/365 service for the maintenance of all assets, the supply of all utilities (including a new district heating boiler plant), planned maintenance and preventative maintenance lifecycle works, responsive repairs, reactive maintenance, hard and soft landscaping, and both commercial and domestic gasworks – and we will continue to do so until 2033.

Our comprehensive planned preventative maintenance schedule ensures that the predicted total asset life is met and that total life costs do not escalate. The resulting benefits include reduced annual repairs costs, reduced energy costs, reduced management costs, reduced void refurbishment costs and increased asset value.

As well as the clear financial benefits of the project, we believe our work also contributes significantly to a better environment for tenants to live in and higher client satisfaction.

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